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As an effort to achieve the 2018 target of welcoming four million tourists, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) Provincial Administration is aiming to attract Russian tourists.

Deputy of Indonesian Ambassador to Moscow, Russia Lasro Simbolon is on board with the mission and has invited NTB to take part in the Indonesian Festival in Moscow that will be held on Aug. 3 – 5, 2018.

Lasro said that Lombok in NTB, Bali and Yogyakarta are main destinations among Russian tourists when they travel to Indonesia. He also encouraged the NTB provincial administration to create bigger tourism promotions.

In 2016, there were 20 million of Russians who traveled overseas, but only a small percentage of this number went to NTB.
“The Indonesian Festival in Moscow is the right event to promote NTB to the people of Russia, we are optimistic that the number of Russian tourists can increase up to 50 percent,” said NTB tourism department head Muhammad Faozal.
This year, NTB is targeting to welcome 3.5 million tourists, up until October the number had reached 3.1 million people.

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In 2018, NTB will have several tourism events such as Komodo Exercise in May. Then there’s also The 2018 Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank Group that will take place in Bali. Lombok is expecting to welcome at least five thousand tourists from these two events.


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Singer Judika will take the stage at Crossborder Atambua Festival in Atambua on Dec. 1.
The concert will be located at Simpang Lima Atambua, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) and is aiming to attract international tourists from neighboring country, Timor Leste.

“Atambua is the closest area with Timor Leste and is the entrance gate of Mota’ain checkpoint that connects Indonesia and Timor Leste,” explained Tourism Ministry’s archipelago tourism marketing development deputy Esthy Reko Astuti.
Esthy said that the reason the Ministry is bringing Judika is because the people of Timor Leste are quite familiar with the singer’s singles such as “Bukan Dia Tapi Aku” (Not Him but Me), “Mama Papa Larang” (Mother, Father Don’t Allow) and “Akulah Yang Tersakiti,” (I’m the One Who Got Hurt).

“Other than Judika, there will be dangdut singer from Timor Leste named Maria Vitoria who is an alumnus of Dangdut Academy Asia, Atambua’s local artists and a few performances from Taruna Mandiri High School and GSNF. For more info, check out the Instagram account @festivalcrossborder,” she added.

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A total of 60 people took part in Indonesia Adventure Festival (IAF) 2017 that was held in Sumba on Nov. 14 – 19. The Indonesia Adventure Festival was previously held in Lembata in 2014 and Alor in 2016.

With 'Explore Tanahumba' as the main theme, the participants consisting of bloggers, photographers and media crew were divided into three groups namely adventure, culture and photography teams. They traveled to four regencies in Sumba such as Southwest Sumba, Central Sumba, West Sumba and East Sumba.

On the first day of the trip, participants went to cultural houses in Southwest Sumba, Sumba Hospitality School and by the evening time they were relaxing at Menangah Beach waiting for the sunset. Following the activities, Southwest Sumba tourism department head, Christofel Horo, welcomed the participants in a ceremony held at night.

The three groups went to Wainyapu Village, the next day. The village has 60 Uma Kalada traditional houses and 1,058 megaliths. The adventure and photography teams then continued their journey to Bawana and reunited with the culture team in the evening at Weetabar Village.

There’s currently a construction of several Tarung village houses to accommodate the Podu ritual in the Weetabar Village.
The adventure team went to Lapopu waterfall, the tallest waterfall in NTT the next day. Meanwhile, culture and photography teams stayed at Tarung to see the traditional ritual of Tarung Marapu Village.

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By the end of the day, participants camped out at Padang Savana Mamboro, Mamboro district.
The participants chased the sunrise view at Sunrise Beach on the following day. They also witnessed a horse-racing event before traveling to East Sumba via the north beach.

In the middle of the trip from central to the east, the adventure team made a stop at Tanggedu Waterfall that looks like the Grand Canyon, whilst the photography team went photo hunting at Puru Kambera, a savanna that is the home of wild horses and other wild animals.

Meanwhile, the culture team visited Wunga Traditional Village, the first and oldest village in East Sumba that was built by the ancestors of Sumba people who came from Malaka Tanabara.
The three teams reunited in the evening at Walakiri Beach around sunset time and continued their trip to Pau Umbara Village where they stayed overnight.

In this village, the culture team got to learn about tenun ikat. Meanwhile, the photography team got up early at 03:00 a.m. the next morning and then went to Watu Parunu Beach to capture the sunset view whilst the adventure team went to Waimarang Waterfall.

Following the activities, all participants went back to Pau Umbara to enjoy a fashion show before traveling back to Waingapu city and Wairinding Hill where they once again enjoyed the sunset view. This was the last stop of their journey, by the evening time there was a farewell dinner held where participants wore traditional Sumbanese costumes.

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Wednesday, 22 November 2017 00:00

NTT Launches Two Tourism Websites

East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) tourism and creative economy department together with Mandiri Global Media has launched two new tourism websites: www.dispar.nttprov.go.id and www.newtourismterritory.com

The head of NTT tourism and creative economy department Marius Ardu Jelamu said that the new websites mark the beginning of digital-based promotion.

“It’s to simplify the tourism development in the future, we have a dream for all tourism-related developments to be done digitally,” Marius said.

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The two websites provide different contents for readers, dispar.nttprov.go.id posts news, events and profiles of tourism departments whilst newtourismterritory.com posts tourist attractions in NTT, food, hotel rates, transportation fees and different modes of transportation used to travel to a tourist site.

In the future, the department is planning to hold trainings for other tourism departments in 22 regencies and cities, tourism industry players, The Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI) and Association Of The Indonesian Tours & Travel Agencies (Asita). (jakartapost)

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State-owned lender Bank Mandiri together with online travel service Traveloka have come up with a program called Explore the Beauty of Indonesia that aims to promote the tourism ministry’s 10 Priority Destinations and increase the number of tourist visits.

Both companies are offering the best price for flight plus hotel and attractions package for the 10 destinations that consist of Borobudur Temple, Thousand Islands, Lake Toba, Tanjung Kelayang Beach, Tanjung Lesung, Mandalika, Bromo Tengger Semeru, Labuan Bajo, Wakatobi and Morotai.

“This form of support will definitely bring a lot of benefits for the people and promote the economy through the tourism sector. With this program, customers of Bank Mandiri will get to explore the beauty of Indonesia at an affordable price and easy transaction process,” said tourism ministry's archipelago marketing development deputy, Esthy Reko Astuti.

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“Lake Toba starts from Rp 1.4 million, Labuan Bajo starts from Rp 1.8 million, Wakatobi starts from Rp 3.4 million and Bromo starts from Rp 760,000. These prices are for two people and already included the discount, the trip itself is three days and two nights long each. This program runs from August 17 until 31 with the travel period is until November 31, 2017,” explained PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) TBK senior vice President credit cards group, Vira Widiyasari.

Apart from the special price, Mandiri credit card holders also receive another benefit of an additional discount of Rp 720,000 ($72) for a flight plus hotel booking and a total discount of Rp 200,000 for tourist attractions located in the 10 destinations.

There are also benefits of three and six-month installment and four 'Fiestapoin' in each transaction for Mandiri credit card holders.The promo is available at  https://www.traveloka.com/promotion/indonesia  or by doing a booking via Traveloka application.

By the end of July 2017, Mandiri's credit card transaction had an increase of 9.6 percent. Out of the total transaction, 17 percent of them were travel-related.

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According to the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), the growth of domestic flight from 2011 to 2016 is at 56 percent, while the growth for hotel-booking from the same period is at 64 percent.

Moreover, 40 percent of international tourists enter Indonesia via Bali, 30 percent via Jakarta, 20 percent via Riau Islands and the rest 10 percent are in other areas. Bali itself was named as the third best destination in the world according to TripAdvisor. (jakartapost)

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The government has decided to focus on the development of four destinations from the Tourism Ministry’s 10 New Balis list which include Lake Toba, Borobudur, Mandalika and Labuan Bajo.

The plan includes homestay and restaurant development. The Tourism Ministry will be in charge of design whilst the Public Works and Public (PUPR) Ministry will be in charge of the construction. Meanwhile, the development of souvenir shops will be handled by the Trade Ministry.

“It will be executed in 2018 in four locations. I’ve sent a letter to PUPR before the limited meeting [with President Joko Widodo] and have been instructed by the president to provide the [design] model,” said Tourism Minister Arief Yahya.

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Arief said three destinations namely Lake Toba, Borobudur and Mandalika only need revitalization, while Labuan Bajo is considered as a newcomer and the President wanted for Mandalika in West Nusa Tenggara to have a Medium-Sized Business (UKM) Center.

“I’ll go there [Mandalika] tomorrow to oversee the UKM location.  In all destinations, UKM should be the first [to be developed] in a region,” the minister added.

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After a recent meeting between the Tourism Ministry and Indonesian celebrity entrepreneurs concerning co-branding partnership deal with Wonderful Indonesia tourism brand, actress Prilly Latuconsina who was one of the guests shared the event’s photos to her more than 19 million followers on Instagram (@prillylatuconsina96).

“It’s only recently that I became an entrepreneur and now I'm doing a collaboration with Wonderful Indonesia, I’m so happy. I’m proud to be an Indonesian; let’s promote Indonesia's tourism #PesonaIndonesia #WonderfulIndonesia,” she captioned one of her posts.

“Indonesia is a country of million destinations, thousands islands, different languages, cultures and beauties. Check out the top 10 destinations list published by @kemenpar, which one have you visited before? Don’t just travel overseas, explore your own country.

Check out http://www.indonesia.travel/ and Pesona e-magazine at www.kemenpar.go.id #PesonaIndonesia #WonderfulIndonesia,” she wrote in another Instagram post.

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Prilly is currently running her food business called Really Cake in Balikpapan. The 21-year-old is planning to travel to Raja Ampat in the future, as she considers Raja Ampat the perfect place for millennials to travel with their friends. (jakartapost)

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Caves have been explored throughout history. In prehistory they were used for shelter, burial, or as religious sites. Today researches study caves because they can reveal details of past climatic conditions. Cavers explore them for the enjoyment of the activity or for physical exercise. For the less adventurous, a number of the most beautiful underground caves have been converted into show caves, where artificial lighting, floors, and other aids allow the casual tourist to experience the cave with minimal inconvenience

Rangko in the region of East Nusa Tenggara is a town in Indonesia – some 911 mi (or 1,467 km) East of Jakarta, the country’s capital city. Little known fact: Flores’s new adventure is in its saltwater cave in Rangko. It’s hidden in the northwestern corner of the Rangko Bay, which is riddled with freshwater springs that flow through mazes of limestone passageways.

Few people ever witness the strange sights of these underwater chambers—fossils, sunlight beaming in from holes in the cave ceilings, and even ancient mastodon tusks—because the only way to see it all is by donning a mask and flippers. Cave diving is rife with potential dangers as its located in remote area. The good news is beyond good training, all it really necessitates is a little nerve.

Test the waters at Rangko Cave. There you can see water’s artwork in the limestone formations and feel the force of 30-plus million gallons of water per day pouring out of the inner cave entrance. A mineral deposit that hangs from the ceiling of a limestone cave is traversed by a smooth underwater salt lake.


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Tourism Ministry recently held a gathering with celebrities-slash-entrepreneurs at Sapta Pesona Building in Jakarta on Nov. 14.

Among the attending guests were Indra Bekti, Shireen Sungkar, Teuku Wisnu, Prilly Latuconsina, Cathy Sharon, Fitri Carlina, Ussy Sulistyawati, Gracia Indri, Baim Wong, Irfan Hakim, , Dhini Aminarti, Dude Herlino, Denny Cagur, Prilly Latuconsina, Irwansyah, Dewi Sandra and Ria Ricis/Oky.

“Both Tourism Ministry and celebrity entrepreneurs have a lot in common; both are working in the creative industry. The Wonderful Indonesia [tourism] brand has invested a lot on branding and it’s now in the 47th position in the world, winning over Malaysia Truly Asia and Amazing Thailand,” told Tourism Minister Arief Yahya at the gathering.

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“All of you can and are allowed to become Wonderful Indonesia endorsers, especially for the 2018 events that will feature 100 premiere events. The Tourism [Ministry] that has a world-class brand can also become the official partner for regional events,” he added.

Arief also explained to the guests about POS (Paid Media, Owned Media and Social Media) and endorsement as a part of it.

“Thank you for the collaboration in promoting Wonderful Indonesia and Pesona Indonesia on [your] products. Currently there are 62 brands involved and we are aiming for 100 brands by the end of 2017. [These products] are premium products that use local materials,” said Arief.

“These celebrities also have huge social media following such as Prilly who has more than 19 million followers,” he added.

Most of these famous names sell cakes that are available in various regions in Indonesia. Eventually it has become an ongoing trend of buying these cakes as the ideal souvenirs for those visiting those particular regions.

Singer Rossa owns Minang Mande Cake, Hengky Kurniawan has Banana Foster Cake and in Semarang Dewi Sandra sells Wingkorolls.

In Bogor there are Shireen Sungkar’s Rain Cake and Dhini Aminarti’s Cinnamon that she owns with her husband Dimas Seto. Soap opera actor Dude Herlino owns Scrummy brand in Padang, meanwhile Baim Wong owns Premio and Irfan Hakim together with Omesh have Bandung Kunafe.

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Over in Surabaya, vlogger Ria Ricis and Oki Setiana Dewi have Patata, while in Cirebon there are Indra Bekti’s Sultana, Andika Pratama and Ussy Sulistiowati’s Cirebon Kelana.

Other names include Denny Cagur’s Pekanbaru Cassata, Fitri Carlina’s Savvanacake, Gracia Indri’s Lenso Manado, Irwansyah’s Lamonde and Raffi Ahmad and Gigi’s Gigieatcake.

Apart from the food business, there are other celebrities who tackle the fashion and beauty industries such as presenter Cathy Sharon with her Urban Lips and designer Ivan Gunawan with Mandjha Ivan Gunawan. (kes)

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The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) data shows that until September this year, Indonesia has welcomed 10,458,299 foreign tourists, a 25.05 percent increase from last year’s achievement.

“For the September period, it’s up by 20.47 percent from the same month last year,” told Tourism Ministry's deputy minister for overseas promotion I Gde Pitana.

In comparison, tourism growth in ASEAN region is only 6.5 percent and the worldwide growth is at five percent.
Pitana added that he’s optimistic the ministry will achieve its target of attracting 15 million foreign tourists by the end of this year.

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The recent activity of Mount Agung in Bali that went on for more than a month from Sept. 23 to Oct. 29 resulted in the declining of tourist visits to Bali.

On Oct. 29, the Indonesian authorities lowered the alert status from Level 4 to Level 3.
Tourism Minister Arief Yahya said Bali is now ready to welcome tourists.

The ministry is currently busy promoting to countries such as China, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia and Japan for the year-end holiday season that runs from November 2017 to January 2018.

One of their efforts is conducting a familiarization trip (famtrip) to Bali for nine media companies from China.
Up until September 2017, China was the biggest contributor for foreign tourists who came to Indonesia with 1,607,615 people, a 45.68 percent increase. Other countries such as Japan contributed 416,040 people (up 6.46 percent), Australia had 918,957 people (up 1.38 percent), Malaysia had 885,412 people (down 0.16 percent) and Singapore had 1,067,242 people (up 0.36 percent).

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