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Labuan Bajo, Flores Today  - Hundreds of people participated in peak the cultural event, which took place at Batu Cermin Labuan Bajo West Manggarai Flores.

Some of cultural groups in West Manggarai present their own traditional potential Such Caci Dance,Ndundu Ndake Dance, Congka toe  and other activities during the carnival 25 up to 29 Juli 2017. 

Frans Teguh, Deputy of tourism  Infrastructure development Minister said  West Manggarai rich to tourism destination. Through the event can all  the cultural heritage can be explored.

“Let us explore the great potential in West Manggarai togetherness. We should create a lot of tourism destination, such opening the cultural studio and local souvenir shop, to boost the tourist,” Teguh added

In addition, the West Manggarai vice regent Maria Geong on her speech said the event   also can increase the local economic income. “I see a lot of people display the local potential such local food, local souvenir during the event, and I think it sold very well,” She said.

Vice regent also mentioned, Cultural carnival was an important event to build the creativity of local people. The event also appropriate in terms of  cultural promotion. “I am proud to local an School community   who has preserved culture,” She said. (Ben)

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Labuan Bajo, Flores Today - As a unique Dance, Caci was amused to foreign as and domestic in Cultural Carnival Komodo 2017 which take place in Batu Cermin amphitheater, West Manggarai, Flores.

Australian tourist, Mr. Im who comes with his family told that the attraction was spectacular and it was interesting.” I am exciting to be here, I can see the attraction directly,” He told to florestoday.com, Juli 28.  

Besides that, Martinus Gambut, a Welak coordinator Caci dance said that, proud to government to held the event. “During the event, we meet all Caci lovers. I hope this event make us to be closer. Government and local people are together to explore West Manggarai tourism potential,” he said.(Ben)


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Labuan Bajo, Flores Today - Komodo cultural festival was kick off at Juli 24. it take place in Batu Cermin, Labuan Bajo Flores.  The head of West Manggarai Tourism Agency told the event aim to introduce and promoted the traditional art and the cultures of Manggarai.

“In the recent, we boost the student and the local people to participate on the event, such  SMAN 2 Nggorang, Sanggar Molas Naga Poco, Sang Rana Rembong,Sae Mose,Manik laing,Sanggar Nusa Nipa,Kala Rana  is performed by SDN 1,OMK,SMAN 2 Sanonggoang,SMAN 2 Kuwus,Luju Nai SMAK st.Familia Lembor,”said Suhardi, Juli 25.
And he said, In the peak of the event there will be cultural Parade.  The parade will  start from West Manggarai regional office forward to Batu Cermin. (Ben)

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Tuesday, 25 July 2017 00:00

The Penti Sacred Rituals in Wae Rebo

Every November, the Manggarai ethnic group in East Nusa Tenggara Provincewill conduct the sacred rituals of Penti which takes place at the  on Wae Rebo Traditional Village,located in Manggrai Flores.As this is a unique occasion, make sure to witness the event.

Penti is a ritual of thanksgiving to celebrate the past year’s harvest and prayers for a prosperous, new agricultural year. The event is filled with a series of ancient rituals that usually last for one full day and night. The celebration is of such huge communal importance that all village members -even those living outside the village-will join the rituals.

Penti is an annual ritual closely related to the agricultural cycle. The tradition has been passed down through generations from the ancestors of the village, that identifies different months according to variations of location of surrounding natural environments. Penti also marks the turn of the year for the Wae Rebo villagers which occurs in November following the modern calendar. Although nowadays many villages on the island celebrate Penti based on a five-year cycle due to the intensive preparations and high costs involved, in the village of Wae Rebo, however,  Penti is still conducted on a yearly basis.

Penti begins with the Barong Wae and Barong Oka rituals in which the people carrying offerings proceed to the courtyard of the Rumah Gendang or the Main House in the village, accompanied by the sounds of gongs and gendang traditional percussions. They gather at the natural spring and invite the spirit of the spring’s keeper to attend the Penti celebration.

The processions will then move to the watu pantas to symbolize the purification of sins, which is followed by a visit to the stone altar or compang, which concludes the Barong Wae, Barong Oka, and Roi Boa rituals.  

Penti will also be highlighted with the fascinating display of Caci, which is the traditional martial art specific to the Manggarai region, in which two men will be involved in a one-on- one combat using whips and simple shields.  

During the series of the Penti Ritual, a group of men and women will chant traditional songs with no musical accompaniment which is called Sanda. The Sanda commences in the middle of the night and continues nonstop until morning. The Sanda must be chanted uninterruptedly during the entire rituals to honor the spirits of the ancestors.


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Labuan Bajo, Flores Today - Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati enjoyed the weekend in Labuan Bajo west Manggarai Flores for two days, Juli  21-23 2017.  She really enjoyed her  weekend by visiting some tourism place in Labuan Bajo such Padar, Rinca and  Manta Point.  

As quoted on Sri Mulyani Indrawati (@smindrawati) on Jul 22, 2017.   Finance Minister asked tourist to visit some tourism place in Indonesia such in Labuan Bajo. “ Labuan Bajo is one of the amazing place.  It can boost the tourist  such from  the participant of the annual event of   World Bank that will hold in Bali 2018 coming.

Let the tourism drive the economic inclusive. I hope the local government can use national budget to built the some infrastructure and prepare all the local human resource in facing the tourism development by providing working conditions which will promote high levels of well being for all of our society.


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Monday, 24 July 2017 00:00

Flores to Welcome all Tourist

Labuan Bajo, Flores Today - Wekeend in Labuan Bajo, Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati got a lot of amazing experience. As written on Sri Mulyani Indrawati (@smindrawati) on Jul 22, 2017, She was Amazing with the some tourism object such the panorama from the peak of Padar island, wonderful of Komodo in Rinca island and beauty underwater view in Manta.

Not only about the Panorama, Sri Mulyani also impressive to the people in Flores. They are kind. They welcome to all tourist. “I am thank to Komodo Plataran Hotel that has managed my trip with the high quality service,” Sri Mulyani Wrote


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Labuan Bajo , Flores Today -  Regional West Manggarai Government to held a cultural carnaval .The event aim to introduce and promoted the the traditional art and the cultures of Manggarai, said Theodorus Suhardi the head of West Manggarai Tourism Agency Juli 24.

“We expected that the people in participate on that event, and recent we have to prepare all needed, such   said Suhardi. The carnival will take place on Batu Cermin. It will be start from 25 up to 29 Juli  at 06.00 Pm. (Ben)

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Labuan Bajo, Flores Today - Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati enjoyed the weekend in Labuan Bajo west Manggarai Flores for two days, Juli  21-23 2017.

Sri Mulyani conducted several of activities during the vacation such hiking, snorkeling and visited Komodo.  Here are the spectacular places as quoted on Sri Mulyani Indrawati (@smindrawati) on Jul 22, 2017.  
I have looked the spectacular view from the peak of Padar Island. That was the amazing experience. I also visited Rinca to see Komodo, a wonderful of wild life in World and   snorkeling in Manta Point to see the beautiful underwater such Coral reefs and the colorful of the fish

“ It is very impressive. The natural is spectacular with the sunny day and blue sky,the area is clear. I appreciate to the tourist to keep  clean the environment.   it is perfectI also met a group of  private bank that was cleaning the rubbish in the coastal area.  That was Amazing. Our people care to environmental cleanliness  ,”  Sry Mulayani written.

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Flores Today, Labuan Bajo - The official search for missing Singaporean diver Rinta Paul Mukkam will be extended for three days till Saturday (July 22).
Ms Maria Imaculata Pilomena Rasi, a search and rescue analyst at Indonesia's National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas), said that three more days will be added to the search efforts for Ms Rinta. The standard duration of search operations conducted by the agency is seven days.
According to Basarnas, the search for Ms Rinta is into its seventh day on Wednesday (July 19).

The 40-year-old associate regional sales manager failed to surface last Thursday (July 13) during a diving trip off Komodo Island. She had been part of a group of 16 women who were diving in the area.
On Wednesday morning (July 19), an appeal letter to extend the duration of official search efforts was sent to Basarnas, signed off by Mr Roy Paul Mukkam, Ms Rinta's brother.

"It would be devastating to close the search without finding her," the letter said.
The Straits Times understands that Mr Roy has been informed about the interim approval for extension by Basarnas.
The fund-raising effort on crowdfunding sites GoGetFunding and GiveAsia, started by a family friend, Dr Srinesh Balakrishnan, 37, to fund the search-and-rescue efforts, has stopped.

Previously, the funds raised were used to charter a helicopter to conduct an aerial search on Saturday and Sunday (July 15 and 16), and for two hours on Monday (July 17).

"I'm not clear as to the additional private funds required at this stage," said Dr Balakrishnan. He also added that he hopes that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Indonesian authorities will be able to provide assistance.
Two representatives from Singapore's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Singapore Embassy in Jakarta have been deployed to the location where search and rescue efforts are ongoing. One was sent on July 15, while the second official had arrived on July 18.


Source : straitstimes

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Labuan Bajo, Flores Today - Amount of 1,890,000  break Indonesia record Museum (MURI) on having the most participant in drinking Flores Coffee Juli 19.

Almost society in Flores, from Larantuka up to Labuan Bajo drink coffee at the same time. It was started from 02.00 P.m  to 04.00.  the number was exceeded  MURi  Coffee drinking that was held in Bener Meriah district, Aceh, on Jnuari 13 , 2013.

This amount has over Muri targets. It is only one million. But today, the grand total is 1890,000” said  MURI vice Direktur, Osmar Semesta Susilo in Labuan Bajo.

Sejuta Kopi Flores movement was held in last  event of Tour de Flores . Thus the international cycling race  of  Tour de Flores  can join on that movement.
“We are honored to be here. We get the record with a lot of people.  Muri expected through the event Flores Coffee will go international,” Osmar said.

Osmar said  Muri will record Sejuta Kopi Flores Movement as the world record. Sejuta Kopi Flores  recorded as the 8.000, of MURI.

Meanwhile Primus Dori Chairman Tour de Flores added there were the committees of the Sejuta Kopi Movement  to organize the event.
“They work togetherness with some volunteers. We have also coordinated with the local government such village head, sub district and district in Flores. They report about what is going on their region, Primus explained.  All the data , Primus said were proven by a sign and picture of the coffee lovers.
“We appreciate to local society.they are together to support this event,” He said

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