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Labuan Bajo,Flores Today -  As tourism development villages in West Maggarai regency, Liang Ndara Village, will hold a cultural festival for a week. The event will take place in Cecar start from August, 18 to 22, 2017.

Liang Ndara Head Village, KarolusVitalis told that the event aim to build awareness of the community about the local potential such culture. . "By the events, we can explore both cultural potential, natural scenery and many other local potential. I believe it is the way how to preserve our local culture, and the culture also known  as tourism destination."he explained, August, 8 2017

He said in recent, there are five work place for art in Liang Dara. All of them will be involved on that event. They will perform some traditional dance  such Caci, Pepek,and many others. “I hope the event can attract more tourist to visit Liang Dara,” he closed.(Dery N Kulas)


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Sunday, 06 August 2017 00:00

Sasando Perform in Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo, Flores Today - Sasando the cultural and musical heritage of Rote present in Labuan Bajo West Manggarai Flores. The traditional Music has performed for two month which take place in Batu Cermin amphitheater.

Jakson Oktavianus the Coordinator of  Sasando  Music Community told that Sasando is only found in Rote. Sasando is played for several traditional ceremonial s such as entertaining relatives or grieving people, welcoming important guests and other to the culture ceremonial.

Recently,Jakson said the musical instrument of Sasando has spread in our country even abroad. The government has promoted Sasando by participating in some international art exhibition.

“The instrument not only for Rote. Recent we have try to expand in some area In Flores. We believe, Labuan Bajo as tourism the gate way so here we can promote our local potential,” he said, August 4

Besiades that Jakson said they want to join with some Labuan Bajo art Community inorder to explore the local potential in terms of traditional music development. (Ben)


editor: Lande

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