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Flores Rich in Natural and Cultural Heritage

Flores is a good example of there being a lot more to Indonesia than Bali. Flores is one of Indonesiaís Lesser Sunda Islands, located east of Komodo Island and west of Lembata Island.

It has a poor transportation system and rough road conditions, making it difficult to get around.Its west coast port town of Labuan Bajo is a gateway to Komodo National Park, famous for its carnivorous Komodo dragons and waters teeming with sea life, including manta rays and turtles.

But it is not all dragons. Dive holidays are increasing along the north coast near Maumere, which boasts spectacular marine life including whale sharks and there also are small numbers of cycling holidays and wellness tourism.

Flores islanders are almost entirely Roman Catholics and Larantuka on the isleís eastern end is known for its Holy Week festivals such as Semana Santa.

The most-popular tourist attraction in Flores is the 1,639-metre-high Kelimutu volcano, which features three coloured lakes. Located near the town of Moni, the lakes change colours from time to time from maroon through green and blue.

Flores also is rich in cultural heritage and tribal traditions, with caci whip fighting a major element of Manggarai cultural identity as well as a ëunique and aesthetic delight forspectatorsi.

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Caci is played out by two male adversaries, with spectators supporting their favourite by shouting encouragement, making it a very lively event.
The best time to see caci in its original context is during Penti, which usually takes place in the dry season between July and November.

If visitors do not have the chance to experience caci in its traditional ceremonial setting, there are several opportunities to see organised caci. Todo Village south west of Ruteng offers caci performances to visitors. Visitors also have the option of seeing a caci performance in Melo Village, located on the Transflores ëhighwayí about 20km on the road from Labuan Bajo to Ruteng.

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Several hamlets in Flores are home to picturesque coffee plantations. Visitors to Lembah Colol, Tangkul, Biting and Ngkiong Ndora hamlets can expect a panoramic view of greenery and locals working on their farms.

Colol coffee is said to be particularly well-known, including in the United States and Europe. Local residents of East Pocoranaka district rely on the coffee plants to make ends meet and pay for their children's education.

"Coffee association members in East Manggarai regency told me that the quality of Colol coffee was very good and the price was very high when marketed outside the country," a resident of Tangkul hamlet, Alfonsus Sumardi. "Therefore, East Pocoranaka has a lot of potential for agrobusiness tourism development, where visitors can explore local coffee farms and participate in harvesting coffee."

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The proliferation of coffee farms in Manggarai, West Manggarai and East Manggarai is said to begin from Colol hamlet, a noted coffee producer in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT).

In addition to coffee, senior journalist Frans Sarong said that edelweiss could also be found at Lake Rana Poja, which is located in Banggarangga Forest, the only conservation area of its kind in NTT.


Source : Jakarta Post

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The Komodo dragon is not the only interesting thing to see when you travel to Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT).

The picturesque town on the island of Flores offers the following attractions worth exploring, as compiled by kompas.com:

Gili Laba

Situated in Komodo National Park, Gili Laba boasts enchanting panoramic views, as well as breathtaking beaches and underwater scenes.
Do make the effort and time to reach the top of the hill for a breathtaking view of the surrounding azure-blue ocean and NTT’s signature hills. Arrive at 3 p.m. and you’ll get the bonus of catching a beautiful sunset.


This place is quite similar to Padar Island. It is due to its hills, actually. From the top of these hills, you can witness great scenery. Though, it takes much energy to get here. Make sure you have prepared enough stamina. In a nutshell, hiking is the most popular activity in Gili Laba. It is the main activity here. In order to reach the summit of the hill, you need to spend approximately 40 minutes. It can be either faster or slower. It depends on your stamina.

Batu Cermin Cave

Though some parts of Batu Cermin Cave are man-made, it is still a fascinating place to visit for nature lovers, featuring fossils of sea creatures its walls that prove it once rested at the bottom of the ocean.

The name of the cave itself means "mirror stone," because its walls reflect sunlight streaming through an opening in the ceiling, creating a mirror-like effect.
Take a cooling dip in the fresh-water pool of Cunca Wulang Waterfall, located some 30 kilometers from Labuan Bajo, and enjoy its lush surroundings.

Cunca Wulang Canyon

Cunca Wulang Canyon, located 30km east of Labuan Bajo and nestled in a tropical rainforest setting, is one of Flores’ most striking spots for outdoor activities. Impressive waterfalls cascade into beautiful, fresh-water pools and lead into a series of smaller waterfalls and rivers a few kilometers downstream.

In recent years, Cunca Wulang gained popularity among the canyoning community as an excellent destination for this popular outdoor sport. Even if canyoning is not your favorite sport, the area still offers good hiking and swimming options.

The medium-impact hike to Cunca Wulang from Wersawe Village is pleasantly seamed by paddy fields in different stages of their planting and harvesting cycle. Vanilla, coffee, candlenut, and cacao can also be seen along the trail; and the last, steep part leads you through a section of lush tropical rain forest.

Sano Nggoang Crater Lake

Sano Nggoang Crater Lake is located approximately 35km east of Labuan Bajo. With depths of up to 500m, it is said to be among the world’s deepest crater lakes.

The lake and an overall surrounding area of 5,500 hectares are proposed to become a protected area due to the remaining forests and endemic bird species such as the native Flores crow and the Flores monarch.

Enthusiastic bird watchers and nature lovers should make sure to bring along their binoculars. Besides the birds, there is an abundance of attractive flora and fauna that can be spotted in this area.

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Sano Nggoang offers the full range of nature tourism attractions and activities, from hiking to bird watching, swimming, or simply relaxing in a natural hot spring. What’s more, it offers you to gain an insight in the local people’s customs, traditional farming practices, and everyday life.



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Jakarta  - Transportation Ministry plans to auction the Labuan Bajo  Airport development project in March 2018. The project has an estimated cost of Rp 500 billion and is targeted for completion  in  2020.

Transportation Ministry Budi Karya Sumadi explained, this project will be developed  under  the Government and Business Entities coorperation sceme (KPBU) with a limited concession system.

The Minister said, currently there are many interested potential investors, among others, The Indian GVK conglomerate and  Vinci construction France.

KPBU, this project will not use APBN (State Budget)," Budi said after attending a coordination meeting at the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, on Friday

Budi Said,  Labuan Bajo aiport  is currently operated by the government with a capacity of 500 thousand passengers per year. The current passenger movement at Labuan Bajo airport is about 200 thousand per year with 10 to 15 flights per day.

The government wants to develop further Labuan Bajo  airport  by extending the runway and expanding the terminal. In addition, the government also wants airport service quality upgrades to cleaning and water, additional flight frequencies, and improved access roads to the

The, airport development is estimated to require the acquisition of 20 to 30 hectares of land. The airport development of Labuan Bajo is in line with the governments mission to make Labuan Bajo  second in line to Bali,  with an estimated tourist arrivals reaching one million to two million per year.

In addition, the government is committed to develop and support facilities such as ports and tourism in Labuan Bajo.


Source : CNN


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Tourism Ministry  has incorporated Komodo festival into tourism national event calendar. The head of West Manggarai Tourism Agency  Theodorus Suardi said on Friday, 02 2018 in his Office.

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He told that is a good opportunity to promote the local potential to the tourist who will join in this event.
“I hope the local participate in the event that will Hold on 5 - 10 March 2018,”he  added.(Ben)

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AYANA Komodo Resort, Waecicu Beach opens summer 2018 with 12 suites and 189 premium guest rooms. All of the rooms feature an ocean view with large windows overlooking Kukusan Island.

The unconventional design will allow guests to check-in from the 11th floor lobby, and access their room by descending towards the sandy shores. The resort will also feature a rooftop wedding and function suite accommodating circa 200 guests, with a splendid ocean view terrace.

“Our team is the secret to our success,” explains Clive Edwards, general manager of AYANA Resort and Spa, BALI, The Villas at AYANA Resort, BALI and RIMBA Jimbaran BALI by AYANA.

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“It is with enthusiasm and pride that I can confidently say we are one of the most successful and sought after hotels on the island of Bali. Of course, our range of products and services is inspired by the purpose of fulfilling guest need, but I also believe that it is the care and service from our team members that takes AYANA hospitality the extra mile.

"Our passion for people, and our philosophy for understanding our guests, will be injected into our latest property AYANA Komodo Resort, Waecicu Beach. We are excited about introducing the newest member of our resort family to the AYANA community, and look forward to launching the first premium 5-star resort in Flores.” Clive added.


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Indonesia promotes tourism in Nantes, France

Indonesia promoted its "10 new Balis," a plan to develop 10 tourism destinations outside Bali, at a tourism fair in Nantes, France, over the weekend.

At the event, titled Salon International du Tourisme (SIT) de Nantes, which ran from Jan. 26-28, the Indonesian Embassy (KBRI) in Paris operated a stall in collaboration with various tour agencies, including French-based companies that offer packages to Indonesia.

"We must continue to work together to encourage Indonesia tourism, especially as the number of visitors to Bali was disrupted by the eruption of Mount Agung," Indonesian Ambassador to France Hotmangaradja Pandjaitan said, as quoted in a statement.
The Indonesian stall also emphasized that Bali remained safe for visitors despite the ongoing, albeit minor, volcanic activity of Mount Agung.

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SIT Nantes welcomes more than 40,000 visitors to its annual event, where the Indonesian stall promoted various attractions, including diving and other sports.

Citing data from France's National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE), the Indonesian embassy said in its statement that France's western coast, namely the province of Brittany and its capital Rennes and Pays de la Loire province and its capital Nantes, was among the regions with the highest income per capita in the country, making it a significant potential market for Indonesia tourism.

More than 255,000 French citizens visited the archipelago from January to November 2017, a 5.16 percent increase over the same period the previous year.


Source :  Jakarta Post

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