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13 Nov 2017
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Caci, Manggarai Traditional Dance (jktpost)) Caci, Manggarai Traditional Dance (jktpost))

After  visiting Komodo dragon, Pink Beach, Padar or  doing some other watersport or doing some  other activities in Komodo National Park,  Labuan Bajo also offers plenty of exciting activities for tourists who enjoy the outdoors. For those interested in cultural attraction here we recommended to Explore Caci, a traditional dance of Manggarai in Melo Village. Caci, a ritual whip fight, is a major element of

Manggarai cultural identity. Being a unique and aesthetic delight for spectators, caci performances are an attraction to foreign as well as domestic visitors of Manggarai.

Caci is played out by two male adversaries, with one of them usually coming from another village to compete. Spectators support their favorite party by cheerfully shouting out their encouragement, making it a very lively event. Caci equipment, consisting of a whip, a shield, masks, and sticks, bursts with symbolism: the aggressor’s whip is made out of rattan, with a leather-covered handle.

It symbolizes male, the phallic element, the father, and the sky. The defender’s round shield represents the female, the womb, and the earth. It is usually made out of bamboo, rattan, and covered with buffalo hide. As these meanings suggest, the male and the female elements are united whenever the whip hits the shield – symbolizing a sexual unity as an essential premise in giving live.

The players’ heads are covered with a wooden or leather mask wrapped with cloth and goat hair that hangs down at the back. The two horns of the mask represent the strength of the water buffalo. For additional protection from the ashes of the whip, the defender holds a stick in his left hand.

While fighting, the men wear a traditional songket (woven cloth) over a pair of regular pants. A belt of bells worn on the hip and a string of bells strapped on the ankles create a peculiar sound. The upper body remains bare and uncovered, leaving it exposed to the whips’ lashes. Fore More Click Here

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