Flores Coffee Hamlet Offers Unique Tourist Destination Featured

13 Feb 2018
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Several hamlets in Flores are home to picturesque coffee plantations. Visitors to Lembah Colol, Tangkul, Biting and Ngkiong Ndora hamlets can expect a panoramic view of greenery and locals working on their farms.

Colol coffee is said to be particularly well-known, including in the United States and Europe. Local residents of East Pocoranaka district rely on the coffee plants to make ends meet and pay for their children's education.

"Coffee association members in East Manggarai regency told me that the quality of Colol coffee was very good and the price was very high when marketed outside the country," a resident of Tangkul hamlet, Alfonsus Sumardi. "Therefore, East Pocoranaka has a lot of potential for agrobusiness tourism development, where visitors can explore local coffee farms and participate in harvesting coffee."

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The proliferation of coffee farms in Manggarai, West Manggarai and East Manggarai is said to begin from Colol hamlet, a noted coffee producer in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT).

In addition to coffee, senior journalist Frans Sarong said that edelweiss could also be found at Lake Rana Poja, which is located in Banggarangga Forest, the only conservation area of its kind in NTT.


Source : Jakarta Post

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