April to July the Best Time to Swim With Manta Ray Featured

17 Apr 2018
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The Manta Ray  is a rareanimal with a wide cruising ran ge and not easy to find, Here In Labuan Bajo, We can see it easily encounter the Manta.

One of the places it frequents is Manta Point. We can find them in groups or a single specimen can be seen. But, sometimes we do not find the Manta in that spot, but they can be found in the waters surrounding
Komodo Island.

It is recommended  the right time to visit Manta Point in Labuan Bajo is in summer time, beginning in April through to July.

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Billy Aziz, a Australian tourist said that swimming with the Manta was fantastic, the sensation was great, we found them easily, " the trip was magnificent" he said on Sunday (17/4/2018).

Currently, while swimming or snorkeling you can encounter or even touch the Manta.


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