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22 Jun 2017
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Flores Today, Labuan Bajo -The branch head of Labuan Bajo Power plant Juniharto, encourage the investor comes to Labuan Bajo due to   the supplying of the electricity in the region  will able to complete for the business and tourism traction.

He said, in 2017, Ulumbu power Plant will supply the electricity about 20 MW to West Manggarai.

“ I think, the investor do not need to doubt about the electric supplying. PLN will always consider it as well,” he said (21/06/2017).

He explained, the development of the electricity due to the program of Indonesia President Joko Widodo100 Persen Desa Berlistrik in Eas Nusa Tenggara Province.

“in August 17 2017, the STTU network Ulumbu has been developed in Labuan Bajo”

He assert that was their commit to effort the investment, economic and tourism growth in West Manggarai.

Besides that, Juniharto suggest, the local who wants become their costumer came the state power plant office thus can be solve the problem as soon.

As has been known, in 2017, PLN has expanded in 52 village in West Manggarai Regency. 2018, Labuan Bajo PLN target that all the will get the electric.



Written : Gerasimos Satria/VoN)

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