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Canibal Rock Dive Site In Komodo National Park / Foto : Istimewa Canibal Rock Dive Site In Komodo National Park / Foto : Istimewa

FLORESTODAY.COM, Labuan Bajo - Most Komodo Dive Sites can be accessed throughout the year. However a few areas are seasonal. The best conditions for the Northern Komodo dive sites are from April through October. This is less about the dive sites than the surface conditions with less wind and rain. From October through April the better diving tends to be in the South. Again – this is the mostly about surface weather conditions as the northern monsoonal winds are happening.The waters tend to be colder during the winter months, and in the Southern Komodo Dive sites they can be quite cold.

This listing of Komodo Dive sites is by no means comprehensive. These are only the more popular sites. You will also find that many sites have different names from different operators and even different Dive masters on the Same Boat! There are new sites being dived all the time and in truth this list should number in the hundreds!. We have divided the sites into a north/South. This division is basically along weather and water temperature conditions with the southern Sites tending to have much cooler water temperatures

Komodo Dive Site

Batu Bolong – Tatawa Kecil – Tatawa Besar – Cauldron – Castle Rock – Crytstal Rock

On the Northern Komodo dive sites you will experience the warm waters of the Flores Sea. The marine life here is similar to that found in most tropical seas world-wide, but with a magnitude and diversity that is unsurpassed.


Partly the Geology mentioned above, but also the combination of strong currents and rich waters. Hard coral reefs are extensive and largely pristine, while the water is clear with incredible visibility. Discover a haven for nudibranchs, pigmy seahorses, rare invertebrates, pipefish, and tiny frogfish. Be one of few to experience these mystical waters! January to March can have rough surface conditions at the Northern Komodo dive sites and they should only be dived during good surface conditions.


This is important as much of the diving is done from dinghies and they must be able to see and pick up the guests!

Ayo Jalan-jalan ke Komodo! Pesan Sekarang! 

Diving the Northern Komodo dive sites: The currents here seem to be more powerful as the through flow of the Pacific hits Komodo Island straight on in the north. This makes for shifting currents and eddies but also attracts large fish in quantity! Experienced guides understand and know this and will bring divers to the correct places at the best times. The visibility tends to be better and at some sites more pelagic.

Komodo and Rinca Dive Sites South

In the Southern Komodo dive sites – you will experience cooler waters (the next landmass south is Antarctica!)l that come from the Indian Ocean. this means Longsuits and semi-drys are a good idea. This cooler water is the result of upwellings which occur when deep ocean currents encounter a continental shelf. Great news for divers – as this means a constant supply of plankton in the water. And that means happy corals, plenty of fish and visits by the whole chain of predatory fish. The corals in the south tend to be more vibrant and colorful – which means you can find some incredible macro species. Many filter feeders – big and small – love this plankton rich water and it shows! Manta raysshow up huge numbers! It also means some great migratory species passing along.

The weather in the Southern Komodo Dive sites tends to be rougher than in the North, though in the “winter” of November – March they surface conditions are generally calm. July and August are often quite rough and should be considered in any plans you make. The water tends to be rather cold and some cold upwelling’s bring the temperature below 20, though 25 is the average (Redaktur EN)

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