A Blind Man in Sikka must be a Coconut Peeler for Life

Gregorius Kristoforus (34), a Blind man from Koja Gete, Koting,in Sikka,Flores / Foto : Albert Aquinaldo* Gregorius Kristoforus (34), a Blind man from Koja Gete, Koting,in Sikka,Flores / Foto : Albert Aquinaldo*

FLORESTODAY.COM, Sikka - Gregorius Kristoforus (34), a man from Koja Gete, Koting B, Sikka,Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, had to struggle to support his relatives by becoming coconut peelers belonging to the local around his village. Although, He did not give up with his physical disabilities.

A husband from Florida Agnes Dua Ika (34) had blindness in his eyeballs in seven years ago. That incident was experienced by Kristo when he was still a construction worker in Maumere. At that time, his beloved wife condition was 3 months pregnant.

He has visited to the hospital. But there is no help at all. The doctor decided that man dried up with his eyes. It is not possible to do dissection, because it will cause bleeding in the eye. Aware of that, He Constantly trying to make a living for family by working as a coconut skin worker.

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To florestoday.com, in his house on Thursday (07/11), Kristo said, that’s income as workers was used for daily needs and part of it was used for their business stock.

"I can only peel coconut that belongs near my house, with a wage of 40 pieces paid at a price of 5000 rupiah and in a day, I can finish 800 coconuts, "Kristo said.

With a just barely income as a coconut peel worker, Kristo had to turning his brain so that he could get more income of his family.

"I used the money to buy coconuts at a price of 1000 rupiah per each. Then peeled, shelled and collected to sell at the price of 1 sack for 20,000 rupiahs, while the coconut milk is dried in the sun to become copra. The price of copra is 1 kg 4000 rupiah, "He said.

To help their families, Florida Agnes Dua Ika sells cakes around the village every morning while bringing her children to school.

"I sell cakes around the village in the morning. The price is 1000 rupiah per piece. Usually every day I sell 60 - 70 pieces. I got the initial capital from selling cookies from selling fried bananas. I took the banana from our garden. Then I use it to buy cake ingredients, "Agnes said.

Reporter : Maria Meilasari / Albert Aquinaldo / Sikka

Editor     : Redaktur-EN

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