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24 Feb 2018
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Flores is a good example of there being a lot more to Indonesia than Bali. Flores is one of Indonesiaís Lesser Sunda Islands, located east of Komodo Island and west of Lembata Island.

It has a poor transportation system and rough road conditions, making it difficult to get around.Its west coast port town of Labuan Bajo is a gateway to Komodo National Park, famous for its carnivorous Komodo dragons and waters teeming with sea life, including manta rays and turtles.

But it is not all dragons. Dive holidays are increasing along the north coast near Maumere, which boasts spectacular marine life including whale sharks and there also are small numbers of cycling holidays and wellness tourism.

Flores islanders are almost entirely Roman Catholics and Larantuka on the isleís eastern end is known for its Holy Week festivals such as Semana Santa.

The most-popular tourist attraction in Flores is the 1,639-metre-high Kelimutu volcano, which features three coloured lakes. Located near the town of Moni, the lakes change colours from time to time from maroon through green and blue.

Flores also is rich in cultural heritage and tribal traditions, with caci whip fighting a major element of Manggarai cultural identity as well as a ëunique and aesthetic delight forspectatorsi.

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Caci is played out by two male adversaries, with spectators supporting their favourite by shouting encouragement, making it a very lively event.
The best time to see caci in its original context is during Penti, which usually takes place in the dry season between July and November.

If visitors do not have the chance to experience caci in its traditional ceremonial setting, there are several opportunities to see organised caci. Todo Village south west of Ruteng offers caci performances to visitors. Visitors also have the option of seeing a caci performance in Melo Village, located on the Transflores ëhighwayí about 20km on the road from Labuan Bajo to Ruteng.

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